Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

how do you charge for your production services?

Project pricing is a fixed rate that is agreed upon prior to the start of production. I do not charge based on hourly pricing - I believe quality results are achieved by working efficiently and to reasonable perfection. Typically, a portion of the rate is due at the start of production and the remainder is processed after completion.

What if I don't like the end product?

I will work with you or your company to best understand and visualize the product requested prior to writing an agreement. If the end product does not match what you requested, a secondary agreement will be made in which pricing may change. If additional revisions beyond the agreed amount are required, a fee will apply to each additional revision.

I don't live near missoula, montana. can we still work together?

Yes! However, long distance travel must be financially accounted for. If I need to record video clips of you water skiing and you live in Greece, you better include airfare and lodging in your budget. Travel fees, such as gasoline usage, will most likely apply to projects outside of Missoula county.

do you rent your equipment?

All of my equipment is available for rental. Here's the catch: I come with it. Many of my specialty items such as underwater housings or lights require training to use safely. I need to make sure both my gear and its user is going to be protected. For a complete list of this equipment, email me.

can I save money by providing my own production equipment?

Of course. I have used most brands of cameras, lights, and sound systems in the past and I feel confident in my abilities to use them again. If you just need the talent, I'll only bring what you don't already have.

How do i receive full-quality stock footage clips?

Depending on the quantity of clips you are purchasing, I will transfer data through cloud-based programs (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.) or I will return a hard drive by mail. Note that I will not send you a hard drive of my own; you must supply your own data storage equipment.

is your stock footage okay to use for public or commercial projects?

Yes. All of my stock footage on both and through my website is Royalty Free, meaning you can pay one fee to use that clip in nearly any production. However, the use of my clips in any content that I feel is extremely offensive or that portrays illegal or pornographic content will be subject to a loss of license.

can I make stock footage requests?

Certainly! However, certain requests may not be possible to fulfill based on location and pure chance. Contact me and we'll talk details.