SDL: Beginner's Underwater Video Rig Tutorial

Long time no update! What a smokey summer we've had here in Missoula, Montana. Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017 just came to an end, so I'm back in the game with some new projects, films, and ideas.

Over the summer, while mostly staying inside to avoid lung injury, I worked with Scuba Diver Life to create a video tutorial on an underwater video rig for beginners. The short, yet detailed tutorial suggests gear for the budget-conscious diver who wants to begin shooting great looking video. With help from our sponsors, GoPro, Light & Motion, and Backscatter, the tutorial was a success on social media and will be the first part of many in a full tutorial series by me and SDL. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Keep your eyes peeled for new content this fall and winter! I'll be transitioning between underwater and terrestrial subjects as I cover animal behaviors in Glacier National Park and around the state of Montana.