Beetles, Festivals, and a New Short

Well, with respect to my personal productions and the future of Alexander Finden Cinematography (soon to be LLC!), 2017 is off to a good start! As for the world's wildlife and conservation lands, I cannot say the same. For those of you who are worried, keep pushing forward with your conservation efforts and ideas. In the long run, it's you, me, and every other passionate individual who will end up making the biggest changes. Don't be discouraged.

On a brighter note: beetles! For the 2016 Audience Awards' Fusion Documentary Challenge, I produced a short film entitled "Weapons of Beetles" which will be screening at this year's Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. With the help of the Emlen lab at the University of Montana, and Missoula's own Insectarium, I had the opportunity to shoot great footage of various weaponized beetles and talk with rhinoceros beetle experts. Though the film will not be publicly accessible for two years, you can view the best of the beetle footage on my new YouTube channel. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!

  Happily sitting on a piece of overripe fruit, a female Asian Rhinoceros Beetle  (T. dichotomus)

Happily sitting on a piece of overripe fruit, a female Asian Rhinoceros Beetle (T. dichotomus)

"Stonefly" is still chugging along through the film festival circuit and will be screened next at DCEFF 2017. I've been asked about potential plans to "flesh out" this story into something longer, and yes, I love the idea. More news on this later.

Before the end of next week, a new short film will be completed featuring my own underwater cinematography, my professional friend Ali Nidzgorski's editing skills, and of course Sean Walsh's epic music. Right now, all I can reveal is that it's an experimental diving story. We hope to submit the film to underwater film festivals for Spring of 2017. Follow my social media pages to hear the results!

Thank you to all of those who have supported Alexander Finden Cinematography in its first year. I greatly appreciate the comments, reviews, and requests on my video productions. Have a wonderful new year.